What's Happening Now

Friday, March 17th- Out of uniform for Loras Dance Marathon

Sat. March 18th- 8th Grade Retreat

Sat. March 25th- Aquin Gala

Please turn in Aquin Gala tickets to the office. If you have not attended this event before come for a great social event and great food!

See below for some examples of Gala baskets and donations to be auctioned. Thank you to Aquin staff, parents, and businesses who have donated time, money, or gifts to make this event happen! Hope to see you on the 25th.

Order Scrip through Aquin anytime!


"I am a parent of former students (4) and the grandparent of 3 present students. Aquin was and is a wonderful school offering a first rate education for all levels. Teachers and staff are very involved and caring! They work so well with students of all levels and always keep parents informed about their child. Truly blessed to have Aquin!!!!!"

"I spent 1st through 8th grade at Aquin and I look back at those years as some of the best and most educational of my life. I remember more about what I learned at Aquin than high school or college combined. Whether that was the teachers my fellow students or the Christ centered learning I don't know but I know I'll never forget it."

Get in Touch

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(E-mail) aquinoffice@aquin.org

Free tree seedlings through Aquin
To celebrate Earth Week, the Trees for Kids program (DNR) is offering free seedlings to schools. Aquin has already ordered seedlings in 4 different varieties. If you are interested in reserving a tree seedling or have questions, please contact Mrs. Liz Lensen, llensen@aquin.org They will arrive the week of April 17th. Pictured are the 4 choices, Aroniaberry, Highbush Cranberry, Red Oak, Sugar Maple.

PDF with pictures and more information about each tree or shrub.

The new Aquin Little Angels Childcare Center is currently being built. This facility will consist of infant and toddler rooms, 3 and 4 year old preschool rooms, before and after school care and a full kitchen! There will also be a multipurpose room for large motor indoor play.